Ground and Revitalise 1-day Retreat

with Monique de Goey and Tracy Gray

Sunday 24th February
Viroga Yoga Studio, Brighton

Enjoy a day of movement, massage and personal insight as you learn tools to create greater well-being in 2019 and beyond.

Leave your cares at the door as you step into the serene Balinese styled space of Viroga Yoga Studio.

Start the day unwinding tension from your body and mind with a beautifully flowing, yet invigorating Calligraphy yoga practice. Then take some time for svadhyaya (self study and introspection) to prioritise what is important to you and how you can find more ease and joy in life to improve your wellbeing. Conclude your morning with a guided pranayama (breathing practice) and deeply relaxing yoga nidra to calm your mind and affirm your self-care intentions.

Be nourished with a wholesome ayurvedic lunch that someone else has lovingly prepared for you.

After lunch we will bring a deeper awareness to your foundation – your feet.
With the use of yoga and playful movement you will become more aware of your connection with the earth and how you move upon it, awakening the proprioceptors to improve balance and strengthen the ankles. A steady foot means stability and security, physically and mentally. Then we will give our feet some love by giving and receiving a blissful foot massage to melt away any remaining tension.

You will walk out floating on air, but more grounded with the earth and a deeper connection with yourself.

Throughout this 1 day retreat you will:

  • Learn simple self-care techniques easily integrated into your daily routine
  • Gain greater clarity around your purpose
  • Improve your postural awareness and bring more freedom to the whole body
  • Explore simple movement patterns to release tension and increase circulation and chi
  • Increase strength and stability, especially in your feet
  • Learn a blissful foot massage to treat someone special
  • Enjoy a delicious ayurvedic (vegetarian) lunch
Payment by cash, bank transfer, or online by credit card below.

Numbers are limited!


  • $135 (if paid by 16/1/19)
  • $150 (after 16/1/19)


What to bring:

  • 2 towels and socks (to protect the floor from oil)
  • massage oil if you have some
  • a water bottle
  • a sense of inquiry as you explore the sensations of movement and breath in your body


Sunday 24th February

9am – 4pm

Location: Viroga Yoga Studio

(40 Seaview St, Brighton 4017)


$135 earlybird (by 16/1/19)

$150 after 16/1/19


  • 2 towels and socks (to pretect the floor from oil)
  • massage oil if you have some
  • a water bottle

Vegetarian lunch supplied


Numbers are limited, so please book early!


With a background in street theatre and 17 years as a hands-on bodyworker, Monique will show you innovative and playful ways to move your body to bring greater awareness to how you move. She specialises in Zenthai Shiatsu (including cupping, moxibustion, and Thai Foot Massage), Pregnancy Zenthai, Internal Organ Bodywork, Craniosacral therapy and Lomi Lomi and is a trainer for the Zenthai Shiatsu training program, regularly teaching specialist workshops.

Yoga and movement have been part of Monique’s daily routine for most of her life and she trained as a yoga teacher in 2006 with Kate Pell. Monique offers private, small group and public yoga classes and facilitates workshops and classes that encourage self responsibility for experiencing health and wellbeing.

Monique is motivated by a wish for all people to be comfortable in their own skin, to have an ease of movement, to trust their own inner knowing (their intuition), and to understand the mind/body connection. She loves sharing simple and effective ideas and techniques that can easily be incorporated into a daily practice.

You can learn more about Monique and her offerings on her website:


Tracy is a registered yoga therapist, yoga teacher and zenthai shiatsu practitioner who is passionate about educating people how to move safely to bring more ease and strength into their practice and their life. With 15 years yoga experience and a keen interest in anatomy, in her classes she explains not only “what” to do but “why”. By moving slowly and mindfully you develop a deeper awareness of your postural habits and your mental tendencies and by understanding the “why” you are empowered to adapt the practice to best suit your needs.

All classes work on the body-breath-mind connection and moments of stillness allow time for integration.

Studying as a zenthai shiatsu practitioner in 2017 with Monique as one of her teachers, Tracy weaves her knowledge of the Chinese 5 elements and meridian lines into her classes to allow you to flow with more ease through your day, the seasons and through life.

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