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Yoga Classes LIVE and online

Can’t leave the house but still need your yoga fix?

Join me LIVE in my online group classes via ZOOM.  Stay socially connected with all your yoga buddies as we meet up in the virtual yoga room.

Enjoy well structured classes with easy to follow instruction, drawing on my years of experience as a yoga therapist and yoga teacher to ensure you get the most out of your practice.

Enjoy clear, concise instruction that explains not only what to do, but how and why.  Whatever your level of experience, you will benefit from my attention to detail and fun approach.  Feel safe to challenge yourself or simply bring a deeper awareness to your body and mind.

Working with the breath is key in all of my classes.  It is through our connection with the breath that we can realise a deeper state of relaxation.

There are two styles of group classes on offer:  Yoga for Vitality and Mindful Chi Flow.

I’m so grateful to be able to continue my yoga practice through Tracy’s online classes. Staying connected with others is hugely important right now & yoga always helps me to feel grounded & supported. I’m looking forward to being able to attend more of Tracy’s online classes in the weeks ahead.” ~ Monique Bathis

Yoga for Vitality

This mostly vinyasa style class is designed to strengthen the arms, legs and core while moving mindfully with the breath, so as you get stronger, you also feel more relaxed. Perfect for those of you wanting to maintain or improve muscular strength but without the “no pain, no gain” mindset.

The focus is placed on correct alignment for your body, listening to your body’s needs and refining your movements to get the most out of your practice.  It’s often the small adjustments that make all the difference.

This class is the perfect way to keep you feeling vital and strong.  You will finish the class feeling energised but also relaxed.

All classes finish with a pranayama (mindful breath work) and a savasana (relaxation) to fully integrate the practice and deeply relax the nervous system.

Yoga for Vitality classes are 75 minutes duration.

Mindful Chi Flow

Want to reduce stress, increase vitality, improve your digestion, your circulation and your quality of sleep?

Do you find the usual yoga classes move too fast? Not a fan of down dog or planks?

Or perhaps you want to get into meditation but find it difficult and uncomfortable to sit still for any length of time?

Then this is the class for you!

Mindful Chi Flow is a therapeutic flowing practice based on Calligraphy yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga Therapy, designed to melt tension from your body and mind and improve chi (energy) flow, enhancing your health and well-being.

Circular spiralling movements will gently mobilise your joints, free your spine, improve digestion, increase circulation in your body which will assist with healing of injuries and deeply calm the nervous system to improve quality of sleep.

As you flow slowly with your breath, the practice becomes a moving meditation, helping to focus and calm your mind. The practice will conclude with pranayama (breathing exercises) and a mindfulness meditation, setting you up for a perfect night’s sleep.

This yoga will benefit everyone’s health and well-being, no matter what age or fitness level.

Mindful Chi Flow is a 60 minute class. 

Online Class Timetable

Monday 7:30pm
– Mindful Chi Flow

Tuesday 7:15pm – Yoga for Vitality

I love Tracy’s online classes because her instructions are so safe and precise that I can almost do her classes with my eyes closed. All in the comfort of my own home.” ~ Sara Ritchie

Saturday morning yoga on zoom was a great success.  For an hour and a half I got to listen to you, practice yoga and enjoy some quiet time. Your quick thinking and adaptable nature has saved your students! And virtual coffee at the end of class is still possible, keeping us connected!! Love your work. ~ Carolyn Brookes

Buy Classes

Class passes can be purchased by direct bank transfer or online by credit card from the links below.

10 & 20 class passes can be used for all online classes and for Nundah & Geebung classes once they resume.

10 Class Pass


(i.e. $16 per class)

3 month expiry *

Ideal for attending 1 class per week

20 Class Pass


(i.e. $14 per class)

3 month expiry*

Ideal for attending 2 classes per week


* 10 and 20 class passes are valid for 3 months from the date first class is used. This gives you some flexibility in attendance while encouraging you to be regular with your practice.

If you are experiencing financial hardship during this time please get in touch for concession rates to all my classes.  Yoga will help get you through this tough period so please do not let your yoga practise go.

Just want to attend 1 class? Buy a pass to the class you wish to attend. The login details will be provided by email after checkout.

Casual Class

Monday 7:30pm

Mindful Chi Flow


Casual Class

Tuesday 7:15pm

Yoga for Vitality


New to Tracy Gray Yoga?  Please complete the new student registration form.

Who would have thought a friend from overseas would be joining us on the mat last Saturday. Through Tracy’s initiative of online, real-time classes, I was able to catch up with a yoga friend I hadn’t seen since she moved overseas some years ago. Thanks, Tracy, for making our ever retreating world a bigger, happier place!~ Elaine Harding

My group classes are for all levels of experience but if you are new to yoga and looking for a gentler class then I recommend the Mindful Chi Flow class

What you will need

  • A non-hard surface to practise on (yoga mat / rug / carpeted floor / grass)
  • A device (computer / laptop / tablet / phone) that connects to the internet
  • Water bottle or glass of water handy
  • Blanket to use as a prop
  • Warm clothing/blanket in cooler weather

To ensure that you get the most out of your yoga experience, wear comfortable clothing and avoid eating for two hours prior to class.

Daunted about attending a group class?  Want to refine your technique or get a home practice tailored specifically for you?
Why not book an ineractive online private lesson with Tracy?

“Tracy’s yoga & anatomy knowledge, teaching style and personality are world-class. She’s one of my favourite yoga teachers ever, and I’ve tried a lot. She’s patient, understanding and welcoming. Her classes literally get your energy flowing again.” ~ Jessica Scheper (Yoga Teacher, Surf instructor and world traveller)

“Tracy is not only extremely qualified in yoga & yoga therapy, but I also personally found Tracy to be a good listener to my injuries during my marathon training days. I was running in excess of 100km per week & Tracy was always able to instruct me to safely modify any yoga positions to meet my injuries and training program. Tracy easily caters to all levels of ability; I have experienced that myself as I started as a beginner with Tracy 7 years ago and have seen my practice improve immensely”. ~ Eva Fraser

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