Rise and Shine Slow Flow Yoga 

5 days to kick start your year

Monday 7th – Friday 11th January 2019
Kalinga Park, Clayfield

What are your health goals for 2019?

Want to focus more on your well-being and learn tools to reduce stress?

Start your day (and your year) with Rise and Shine Slow Flow Yoga, gently moving your body, grounding with the earth in the fresh air and clearing your mind. This practice will leave you feeling physically and mentally refreshed and energised for your day ahead.

This beautiful flowing practice based on Calligraphy yoga will gently awaken your body by mobilising joints, improving digestion and increasing circulation and energy flow throughout the whole body. And that’s just the physical benefits!

As you flow slowly with your breath, the practice becomes a moving meditation, helping to focus and calm your mind. A short pranayama and meditation will complete the practice allowing you to tackle the rest of your day with calmness and clarity.

Plus, by practising outside and in bare feet, your body is electrically grounded to the earth, which has been proven to reduce inflammation.

As with anything, the most benefit comes from consistency. Feel the difference in your body and mind by committing to this very achievable 45-minute practice for 5 consecutive days.

And then continue to practice with me during term 1 of 2019 or practise the sequence at home by following along with my calligraphy yoga wake up sequence on YouTube here –>>

Comprising mostly of standing postures (no down dogs or up dogs), no previous yoga experience is necessary.

Payment by cash, bank transfer, or online by credit card below.

Numbers are limited!


  • $50

10/20 class passes, super yogi and casual pass also accepted at this class (if numbers permit).

What to bring:

  • a yoga mat or towel to sit on during our pranayama and meditation
  • a water bottle
  • a hat
  • a sense of inquiry as you explore the sensations of movement and breath in your body

Bookings also open for term 1 2019 (9 week block from Tuesday 5th February – Thursday 4th April).  Book for term 1 here –>>


Monday 7th – Friday 11th January
6.00am – 6.45am 

Location: Kalinga Park, Clayfield

(under the big tree near the footbridge to Shaw Park.)


$50  (5 classes)


  • Yoga mat or towel to sit on during our pranayama and meditation
  • a water bottle
  • a hat
  • a sense of inquiry

Numbers are limited, so please book early!

“I thought it would be hard to get up early and travel to Nundah for a yoga class and then go to work but, it was a fabulous start to my day! I slept better this week, I noticed I performed better at work, and my time management worked better too.  If you are thinking about coming along to Tracy Gray’s Slow Flow class, then come along – you won’t regret it! Thanks, Tracy” ~ Sue Forrest
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