Yoga for a Healthy Spine – class download

Welcome to my online class “Yoga for a Healthy Spine”.  This class is specifically designed to counteract some common postural misalignments brought about by our modern lifestyle.  

Do you:

  • spend many hours a day at a desk or driving?
  • want to relieve tension and stiffness in your shoulders, back and hips?
  • love the feeling of moving your spine and gently stretching your body?
  • find it hard to get to classes?
  • need more guidance in your home practice?

In this 75minute class, you will learn how to bring stability to areas of common weakness (lower back and scapulae) and mobilise areas that are tight (thoracic spine and hips).  A fusion of my signature style of mindful vinyasa and Calligraphy yoga, this class will free your spine and bring awareness to your movements. 

Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

(The minimum fitness requirement is that you can get down and up from the floor unaided.  If you are practising with a medical condition or injury it is advisable to seek clearance from your medical practitioner before commencing any exercise program). 

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the class (6.32Gb) and to view the class online.

Only $15.

“Since moving interstate a few years ago, I have really missed Tracy’s classes.  No-one seems to focus on alignment quite the way Tracy does.  But with her online class, I can now pick up from where I left off and participate from anywhere in the world.  With each practice, I take away something new from Tracy’s cues and I love how I can work on my overall strength and core, yet come out of my class feeling relaxed, calm and invigorated.  Great to be back on the mat with you Tracy!”
– Emily Helle

Awaken Your Core – DVD

My first DVD “Awaken Your Core” is available now.

Designed to bring more awareness and strength to your core, this DVD is just like attending one of my classes, but you don’t have to leave home!

There are variations for beginners through to the more advanced yogi throughout the practice, so you can choose the variation that suits you and progress to the more advanced variations as your practice improves.

This flowing sequence will strengthen, calm and restore your body and mind.

The DVD also includes my easy variation of Surya Namaskar B, which is an excellent practice to keep you strong and supple when you are short on time.

$30 if you pick up from me at class or $35 if you require postage.

“Since having Tracy’s Awaken Your Core DVD I have been able to reignite my own daily practice, drawing from the shorter routine to fit in with the busyness of daily life as well as indulging in the longer practice to unwind at the end of the day. I am so grateful to Tracy for putting Awaken Your Core together. I always feel refreshed and restored at the end of each session. It’s like having my own personal yoga teacher whenever I need.”~ Liza Foster – Manager
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