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Yoga Therapy on Brisbane’s Northside

Yoga is not only a wonderful practice for energizing and relaxation, it is also a powerful healing modality. Yoga therapy is a specialised approach that considers the individual’s physical and psychological needs as well as their current lifestyle.

Combining movement, pranaymaya (breathwork) and psychology practices, yoga therapy can assist people with a wide range of ailments including:

  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • mental disabilities
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • musculoskeletal issues
  • eating disorders
  • cancer treatment rehabilitation
Yoga therapy with Tracy Gray
As a highly trained therapist, I treat each person individually to design a yoga therapy program for the specific condition or disability.

Following the initial consultation, each yoga therapy session is a personally guided session of movement, breath work and relaxation techniques. I will also provide you with a home practice that is manageable and tailored to your lifestyle. As we progress through the program, I monitor and adjust to where the focus is needed.

Yoga therapy with Tracy Gray

In my experience with working with people who have a wide range of conditions including intellectual and physical disabilities, I have witnessed the benefits and relief that regular yoga therapy sessions can provide. For clients who require carers, the carer is also invited to join in on the sessions.

As I am certified with both the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and Yoga Australia my clients know that they are receiving the best possible, tailored support through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Therapy Consultation Fees:

Single session  –  $140

(60 minutes)

Prepay 3 sessions  –  $395

(60 minutes)

Prepay 5 sessions  –  $625

(60 minutes)

“Our son Andrew is severely autistic and Tracy has been teaching him yoga in a one on one setting, twice a week since 2016. Tracy has shown tremendous patience and understanding of Andrew’s condition. She ensures he understands what he needs to do and encourages him to try new poses. Andrew has mastered new poses and we have seen improvement in his target areas of core strength, balance, and gait. Yoga also helps him to focus and improves his concentration. These positive results are only achievable with a teacher who has the patience, persistence and pleasant demeanour that Tracy has. Andrew enjoys yoga with Tracy and sees yoga as a highlight of his week. We recommend Tracy as an exceptional therapeutic yoga teacher.” ~ Paul and Maree.”  

Contact Tracy for more information, or to book your appointment.

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