In my Student Profile Series, I’ll be chatting to a few of my students to share some of their background and discover how yoga is enriching their lives.

First up is Jane Lindsay. Jane is a long-time student of mine; in fact she has been attending my classes since I started teaching in 2009. I’ve always been impressed with Jane’s commitment to a regular practice and how she is always so in tune with her body and her health.  Basically, she’s an all-round grounded person, balancing her business, family and well-being with poise.  How does she do it?  Read on to find out…

Hi Jane.  Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi Tracy. I work as an integrated “Health Practitioner”, supporting individual Health, Well-being & Preventative health protocols, through a number of complimentary therapies, including Homeopathy, NES Health / Mi-Health & Vibrational Flower Essences. I’m a registered member in Australia of both AROH (Australian Register of Homeopaths) & the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) as well as of the Society of Homeopaths (SOH) UK.

How did you get into Homeopathy?

My interest in Homeopathy started after the birth of my son who received homeopathic treatment as a young baby for a severe skin complaint for which other medicines had not helped. I became curious in how these “little white pillules” could create such a profound & positive effect on his skin – was this Medicine or Magic? This curiosity led me to commence a four year training in Homeopathic Medicine, which took me to India & the slum clinics of Calcutta as well as into Indian Hospitals, where Homeopathy is considered 1st Medicine.

In the UK I was a founder of a local branch of FOCC (Friends of Chernobyl’s children) – Bringing groups of children, post Chernobyl out of Belarus to the UK for a 5 year health improvement programme from aged 7 to 12 years of age.

This gave valuable & early insight into the significant improvement and dramatic changes in health & well-being which homeopathy can bring, especially in difficult social, environmental and cultural situations.

Some children seem to pick up every cough, cold & infection which goes round Kindy, school or day care.  For these children Homeopathic medicine may help to develop strong immunity, vitality & resilience to disease. Similarly for adults with recurrent or repetitive illness Homeopathy may provide a vehicle by which to get well & stay well.

Mothers & children form a significant part of my practice where Homeopathy may provide gentle & effective support for Pregnancy, Birthing & Beyond as well as a wide range of everyday illnesses as well as more chronic complaints.

When did you first start doing yoga and did it resonate with you?

I started Yoga in my 20’s & enjoyed the opportunity to develop a more reflective & integrated way to keep fit, flexible & healthy. Prior to then I would run, water-ski & attend daily aerobic / fitness workouts as well as pack in long days with TNT Skypak as a Depot General Manager & later with Royal Doulton Retail Operations. All my exercise at that stage of my life was high impact & fun but frenetic & never allowing the body & mind to really find peace! I had trained as a professional ballet dancer in my teens (injury prevented me from a career in Classical Ballet) which was a highly disciplined training. As a result keeping the body flexible & strong remains really important to me.

What has your yoga practice looked like over the years?

My practice has varied & changed many times over the years – I recall at one stage video tapes of Jerry Hall’s “Hatha Yoga” practice, and then in pregnancy I discovered Janet Balaskas’s cassette tapes of Yoga for Pregnancy (Active Birthing).

I’ve practiced in India, trained with Tai Chi teachers who incorporate yoga into their practice, Homeopaths who incorporate Thai Chi into daily practice, watched the sun come up with Yin Yoga on a beach in Spain, been massaged by the sand with Shiatsu Sunrise Yoga on Straddie & when I travel I find small spaces to stretch & use yoga postures to avoid seizing up on long haul flights!

What is your favourite class?

My favourite class is your Yoga for Vitality (Vinyasa) class which really tones & tunes my body, mind & spirit. It is a complete & perfect “workout” leaving the body highly tuned yet relaxed & grounded.

Do you find there are similarities between Yoga and Homeopathy?

Definitely! Yoga & complimentary Medicine / Homeopathy are highly similar in providing & facilitating complete well-being of mind & body. Facilitating the energetic body to optimise its healing potential & to remember how to be well & stay “well”. Both provide grounding, physical strength, flexibility of body & mind to flow through the waters of life with the ease & grace which we were designed to but modern living so frequently takes from us.

For more information about Jane’s homeopathic practice visit www.janelindsay.com.au

Jane also is a spokesperson for Your Health Your Choice Campaign in Australia: www.yourhealthyourchoice.com.au



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